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  • Angelique Brelsford
  • Thomas Nolan
    Musical Instruments & Collectibles
  • Christian Trabue
    Art and antiques
  • Linda Merrill
    High-end Furnishings
  • Erin Hollenbank
    Fine art
  • George S. Colpitts Jr.
    European Antique Furniture and Works of Art
Angelique Brelsford

Angelique Brelsford

Review Appraiser

Angelique Brelsford, Review Appraiser, Needham MA MA

Angelique has over ten years of experience in the jewelry industry, from sketch to creation, sales, and appraisal. She obtained her Accredited Jewelry Professional certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, and has a Masters in Art Education from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with specializations in jewelry fabrication and illustration. Angelique has designed and handmade jewelry pieces for private clients, curated art shows, and retail boutiques. In addition to her appraisal duties with Enservio, Angelique has a special passion for performing investigative work on potentially fraudulent claims as well as negotiating fair retail replacement values with jewelers.

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