Straight Through Contents®

Enhance Efficiency, Speed Settlements

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    Digitally Transforming the Contents Claim Experience

    enservio’s Straight Through Contents® is an end-to-end contents claim solution, effortlessly guiding the policyholder from inventory capture straight through to payment in real-time.

    Straight Through Contents® streamlines the contents claim process by automating low-risk claims and providing accurate settlement. Utilizing Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, it expedites claims to meet customer expectations in an on-demand society.

    Carrier Benefits

    • Optimize Claims Handling
    • Reduce Cycle Time by 33%
    • 50% Reduction in LAE
    • Claim Accuracy Improvement and Lowered Risk
    • Claim System Integration

    Policyholder Benefits

    • Self-Service in Real-Time
    • Process Transparency
    • Easy to Use with On-Boarding
    • Downloadable Settlement Report
    Expedites Claims Process, Increases Efficiency
    Improves Claim Accuracy, Lowers Risk
    Empowers Policyholder Self-Service
    Promotes Optimal Customer Experience

    Key Features

    insured-portal-icon AI Powered Rules Logic

    • Expedites claim processing for accurate settlement and automated low-risk claims in real-time. Claim thresholds are determined by your organization

    insured-portal-icon On-Boarding Enhancements

    • Review of steps for how to create inventory, add attachments, and submit a claim, and explanation of settlement

    insured-portal-icon Up-Front Fraud Language

    • Fraud language is presented in the first stage of inventory creation, which has been proven to promote honesty and decrease fraud

    insured-portal-icon White Labeled Solution

    • Tailor to your organization’s look and feel by customizing Customer Portal’s colors and branding

    insured-portal-icon Item & Claim Attachment

    • Easily upload attachments to the claim at the line level to clarify the nature of lost items

    insured-portal-icon LiveChat

    • Support teams available to assist policyholders with questions

    insured-portal-icon Key Claim Process Notifications

    • Notifications provide transparency and keep the policyholder informed of next steps, submittal and acknowledgment

    insured-portal-icon Settlement Report

    • Downloadable settlement report for accurate and defensible settlements